At Kenai Backcountry Lodge, we take great pride in the food that we serve.  Our chefs return year after year, and they put time and love into every meal.  We also go to great lengths to accommodate specific dietary needs and food allergies.  Food is an integral part of your vacation experience, and we work hard to ensure it's a phenomenal one!

Each morning, you'll wake up to a hot breakfast buffet before heading out for a guided activity. You might walk in to the aroma of hot blueberry pancakes, bacon, fresh fruit, coffee and tea. 

Your guide will meet you in the lodge for breakfast and soon you'll be gearing up for a great day of adventuring.

A beautiful array of sandwich materials and sides like fresh fruit, homemade cookies and snacks will be available for you to pack a lunch that you'll love, and enjoy while out on your activity for the day.

In the evening you'll come home to a four-course meal, served family-style in our lodge. Share stories about the day over a glass of wine or Alaskan micro-brew beer.  After dinner, relax by the bonfire, in the wood-fired sauna, or maybe a second glass of wine while you take in the sunset from the beach.

Meet our head chef at Kenai Backcountry Lodge, Stephanie Sutten!

Stephanie grew up in the Pacific Northwest where she spent her childhood exploring the Cascade Mountains, the coastline of the Puget Sound and eating wild berries in the woods every chance she got. She graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle and eventually realized that she was ready to take a break from the city life to explore two fields that had been gnawing at her for some time: holistic healing and nutrition. Upon finishing a two year program in clinical nutrition and herbalism, she decided it was finally time to explore Alaska, a place where her grandparents had owned a cabin and earned their livelihoods through fishing and working in canneries before she was born. From the moment she stepped foot on the plane heading north, she was overwhelmed with an excitement and anticipation that soaked deep into her bones. This feeling was more than validated when she arrived, and she has been head over heels for this incredible place ever since. Her other passions include cooking, gardening, riding her bike, spending time in Central America, working with individuals on dietary, lifestyle and herbal advice, and being a head start preschool teacher in the off season.