Common Questions

Get answers to some of our most frequently asked questions

What do you provide?

All activities as outlined in trip specific itinerary, all meals and snacks, pre-trip planning materials, first-class equipment, and guides. You bring proper personal gear and clothing (indicated by our packing lists) and high spirits, and we'll take care of the rest.

Which airport do I fly into?

Travelers will want to fly in to the Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage, Alaska (airport identifier: ANC). For the majority of Alaska Wildland Adventures Trips and Lodge programs, one of our drivers will meet you in Anchorage at a time specified for you upon confirmation of your reservation. Several major airlines service the Anchorage International Airport, including our favorite airline, Alaska Airlines.

Do you offer any discounts?

We offer a triple and quadruple occupancy discount on all of our trips. Please ask us about the rate for each trip. We feature youth pricing on the Alaska Wildland Collection and all of our Lodge Packages. We also offer a 10% past participant discount. Please call 800.334.8730 for details.

Do I have to be in "good physical shape?"

Most trips are for folks in average physical condition. Participants should be comfortable trail walking three to four hours with short breaks. Some trips offer non-exertive options while others include more strenuous hiking. Ask our reservations staff about the right trip for you.

What kind of food do you serve?

Meals are a highlight of every trip. Our highly skilled and imaginative cooks emphasize freshness and flavor. From delicious Alaskan seafood to homemade breads to decadent desserts you will be amazed at how well you can eat in the wilderness. Learn more about dining at the Lodge.

When is the best time to visit Alaska?

Summer in Alaska begins in June and lasts through early September. Travel during these months is usually very comfortable. Each month has its features - June daylight, July flowers, August berries, September fall colors and northern lights - so there's always a "best time!"

What about bears and mosquitoes?

We often see both on our trips. Preparation and attitude is everything when encountering either species. Our guides are knowledgeable about bears and will give each group a thorough safety discussion. Carrying bug repellent and wearing tightly woven, light colored clothing helps us coexist with the bugs we may encounter.

What are the best trips to bring children on?

Kenai Riverside Lodge is ideal for parents and grandparents traveling with children 7-11. For well-traveled children and youth, ages 12-18, we recommend the more active Alaska Wildland Collection, although any itinerary is suitable for older children.

In addition to the scheduled activities, will I have free time with my traveling companions?

Yes, each trip has a balance of organized activities and free time. If you would like to go over the itinerary for a specific trip, please give us a call.

Will I have opportunities to see wildlife on my trip?

We visit the two most wildlife-rich national parks in the state - Kenai Fjords National Park and Denali National Park. Kenai Fjords National park is home to whales, sea lions, seals, sea otters, porpoises, bald eagles, Dall sheep, puffins, murres and more aquatic wildlife. Denali is home to moose, caribou, Dall sheep, grizzly bears, porcupines, foxes, wolves, golden eagles, ptarmigan and other land creatures. The longer you stay in wild places, the more opportunities you'll have to view wildlife.

What is the difference between an all-inclusive Alaska Adventure, partially guided Lodge Package, or independent Lodge stay?

Our Alaska Adventures are a small group traveling experience led by a naturalist Trip Leader. Your Trip Leader takes care of all of the traveling details and enhances your experience with their knowledge, allowing you to focus on and learn about the beauty of the land around you. It is a seamless experience because your Trip Leader is with you from beginning to end and many guests continue their friendship with fellow travelers after the trip ends. Our partially guided Lodge-to-Lodge Packages are sometimes shorter than our Adventures and offer flexibility because they can begin any day of the summer. Several activities are guided and you are responsible for following the itinerary we have arranged for you. This means you will need to be responsible for noting activity and check-in times, such as at the train station, etc. If you have questions about which trip meets your needs and desired adventure, please give us a call and we can discuss our various trips and outline the experience.

What will the weather be like?

The most reliable advice is to be prepared for any type of weather. Often, we have temperatures between the 40's and 60's in the summer, but it could be warmer or cooler (especially in early June and September). It rains in every month of the summer. If you're here for a week, you should plan for at least one day of rain. We liken the Alaskan summer to spring or fall in other parts of the country. We find that when our gear and spirits are well-suited, the weather is always perfect.

As a solo traveler, how can I avoid paying the supplement?

If you are willing to share a room, we will make every effort to find another same sex traveler with the same travel dates. If we find a match, the supplement is waived. If you are a solo traveler and you'd like to experience Alaska with Alaska Wildland Adventures, we will do all we can to have you join us.

What do I need to do when I'm ready to book?

Give us a call at 800.334.8730 to check availability on the trips you are interested in. We'll be happy to answer your questions and go over your itinerary with you. When we're taking your reservation, we'll ask for some contact information from you, go over our payment and cancellation policies and process your deposit made by MasterCard, Visa, Discover or personal check. When we have received your deposit, we'll send you your packet of trip planning materials. Feel free to contact us at any point along the way while you're planning your trip. We're here to answer your questions.